Who is Stanislavsky?

Many of you are probably wondering who Stanislavsky is. I unfortunately assumed that my followers knew, at least, what he created. However, this is not the case, thus I am here to enlighten you all with valuable and historical information about a highly-esteemed artist!

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Who the hickory is Stanislavsky? And why is he so famous?


  1. Constantin Stanislavsky was a Russian actor, director and teacher. He co-founded a school named the Moscow Art Theatre, where dedicated actors go to learn the art of acting and work with devoted professionals. Because of Stanislavsky, Russia has a profound respect for theatre, drama, acting, etc.
  2. Stanislavsky is normally associated as the creator of Method acting. However, this is inaccurate. He found the System. Method acting is a term that came later and serves as an umbrella of all the exercises different teachers created. Some of the teachers include: Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, and, yes, Stanislavsky. In other words, Stanislavsky is not the creator of Method acting, but the person who pulled the naturalistic approach out into the open and allowed others to play with it.
  3. Stanislavsky’s System specifically deals with:
    • your emotional memory
    • your character’s given circumstances
    • your character’s objective or task
    • the Magic If

(The information above was gathered from TheatreFolk.com. TheatreFolk has served as a resource for students who are looking for plays or monologues. They also write newsletters every week about the history of theatre. If you would like to learn more in depth about who Stanislavsky is, I advise you to read these two books by Stanislavsky to get started: An Actor Prepares and My Life in Art, or check out my blog post on what drama books you, an actor, should read!)


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